Junior Hockey Players - Application

Advice for Completing the Following Application Form

  • The earlier a player registers here, the longer his application will be in front of all the Junior hockey recruiters.
  • Eligible players must be between the ages of 16- and 20-years old for the coming 2013-14 season.
  • Players younger than 18-years of age should have a parent's or guardian's consent to submit this form.
  • Although not all fields are marked "required", it should make sense that the more information provided, the harder we'll work for a player, and the more interest a Junior team will likely show in that player.
  • As evidenced by the numerous questions found below -- having to do with both your athletic and academic abilities, know that Junior hockey organizations nowadays are very much interested in these two qualities, as well as a player's character and coachability.
  • Within the form below, you should make it as easy as possible for a member Junior hockey organization to discover more about you.  Providing contact information for a former coach (as a reference) will help, as will a link to a video (perhaps on YouTube.com) showing you during a practice or game.
  • Junior Hockey Scouting Service derives its income from Junior hockey organizations willing to pay for the right to see our list of available players (like you).  This does at least two things:  1) it keeps the service free to you, and 2) it somewhat assures you and us that a member Junior hockey organization is serious about seeking good players. 
  • By submitting this form, you grant the Junior Hockey Scouting Service the rights to 1) promote you to interested Junior hockey organizations, and to 2) send you occasional email for information purposes; you also 3) grant Junior hockey recruiters the right to contact you.
  • Please let us know if you meet with any bad experiences when dealing with a specific Junior hockey organization.
  • You may withdraw from the Junior Hockey Scouting Service at any time by expressing your feelings in an email to jrhockeyscouting@aol.com.
Here is the application form -- please be as thorough as possible...
JHSS - Recruit App

Junior Hockey Scouting Service Application
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