A Message from the JHSS Director, Dennis Chighisola:

Although I'm probably better known around the hockey world as "Coach Chic", an advisor to minor hockey players, coaches and parents, I hope those at the Junior (and college) level will see how much we actually have in common.

Most appropriate to my work with the new Junior Hockey Scouting Service are the many years I spent as a head coach in high school, Juniors and college, as well as the work I did with hundreds of former students who went on to excel in the NHL, minor pro leagues, and various levels of college hockey.

As a hockey parent, I plainly had a part in my son's climb up the hockey ladder (to ultimately play many years of minor pro hockey), and I also helped my grandson take a similar path (to just completing a very successful college career).

More recently, I was the GM/head coach of the St Cloud Thunder in the now defunct Tropical Elite (Junior) Hockey League.

With all that, I've obviously worn hats on all sides of the recruiting challenge -- again, as a Junior GM and coach, as a college recruiter, and as a hockey parent and grandparent.

Those experiences greatly help me understand what players and their families go through during both the Junior and college recruiting process, and they surely help me understand what Junior team executives go through in assembling their rosters.

Now, just readying to launch our new site and service, we know that it will take a short time to get everything working perfectly.  However, this is likely the least organized things will be.

My hope is that this site will help to make things far easier for both Junior players and those who oversee successful Junior hockey organizations.

To ensure we take care of your special needs, please be sure to complete the appropriate signup form:  for eligible players or for Junior hockey executives.

Yours in hockey,

Dennis Chighisola/Coach Chic

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